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I loved the double reveal on SVU of Benson’s mystery man and Amaro’s secret child. Will Amaro and Benson’s partnership be affected? —Brett
Not really. In fact, Wednesday’s episode, which tells the story of a woman (The Walking Dead‘s Lauren Cohan) carrying the baby of the man who raped her, brings Benson and Amaro closer as Olivia finally divulges more details about her own troubled origins to her partner. As far as Benson’s new lover is concerned, don’t look for explicit developments on that front right away. However, Benson’s troubled romantic past in general is called into question when she’s forced to testify.

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[WARNING: The following story reveals major details about Wednesday’s episode of Law & Order: SVU. Read at your own risk.]

After weeks of teases and debate, Wednesday’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit finally revealed Detective Olivia Benson’s mystery man.

Returning spring shows: Where we left off

And he is… Brian Cassidy! Sure, the show had planted the seeds of the relationship in the season premiere when Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Cassidy (Dean Winters), who hooked up way back on SVU‘s first season, shared a kiss in the hospital. But when TVGuide.com visited the show’s New York set for the filming of the big reveal, executive producer Warren Leight confessed that when the arc was first conceived, Cassidy wasn’t the writers’ first choice.

“We had initially assumed it would be Haden [Harry Connick Jr.],” Leight says. “But there was something interesting between Dean and Mariska. When there was the hospital kiss scene, we were leaning towards it. But we weren’t sure how much we were going to pay it off, and then we just decided to go a little farther. I think if we did our job right, everybody looking back will go, ‘Duh.’ But it’s interesting that there’s been debate.”

Although the identity of Benson’s secret lover might not have been completely surprising, the reveal itself was pretty spectacular. On Wednesday’s episode, a woman accused Cassidy of rape when he was working undercover. When Amaro (Danny Pino) and Munch (Richard Belzer) head to Cassidy’s apartment to question him, they catch Benson walking out of Cassidy’s bedroom — wearing the checkered shirt last seen by Benson’s companion on her flight to the Bahamas.

So, why has the couple been able to make the relationship work this time around? “I think Cassidy grew up a little bit in the last 13 years,” Winters says. “He was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and she was a seasoned cop. I think he went off and he got seasoned. [And] I think there’s a little familiarity there, which seems like something she might need right now.”

Hargitay agrees. “There’s an ease to them,” she says. “They keep going back together because it just feels comfortable and safe and easy. We’re exactly what each other needs right now. Both of us have commitment issues and both of us put our work first. So it’s unlikely, but it’s a perfect fit.”

Then again, the episode seems to have put strain on the relationship a bit. Although Cassidy was ultimately exonerated, Winters suggests that even the slightest hint of distrust on Benson’s part could be trouble. “I think the future with Benson is uncertain,” he says. “The thing that you want most in your life is your woman to have faith in you, and I’m not sure that she does. That’s a real crusher. But there is chemistry there, and I think the two characters do long for each other.”

Leight admits that early drafts of the script did, in fact, feature Cassidy ending things with Benson on the courthouse steps. “We went back and forth on it, and Mariska was a little sad to read it,” he says. “I think she opened herself up a lot with Haden and got clobbered. …  I just didn’t want to take her heart out of her chest and smash it again.

“This is a relationship that isn’t asking for as much overt risk-taking,” Leight continues. “The nature of their relationship is not so much a Mr. Right, but a Mr. Right Now. Sometimes those port-in-a-storm relationships are very helpful. I’m glad that she has a little company.”

Hargitay agrees that Benson is approaching the relationship cautiously, but she suggests that perhaps that approach will improve the couple’s chances at longevity. “I think she’s a little bit off love,” she says. “She doesn’t have any unrealistic expectations [about the relationship], but it fills a need. That’s the beauty of it. Because she doesn’t think that it has legs, that’s the reason it might last.”

Leight says he’d like to check in on Benson and Cassidy before the end of the season, but acknowledges that the show also has to deal with the episode’s other big shocker. While testifying in Cassidy’s trial, Amaro is forced to admit that he once carried on a long-term relationship with the sister of the drug kingpin he was targeting while working undercover. Even worse, Amaro learns that he fathered a child with the woman that he never knew about.

“Amaro is very buttoned-down. He keeps things in control, and I thought, ‘I’d like to, in some way, dirty him up or knock him for a loop,'” Leight says. “There aren’t tremendous legal implications for Amaro, but there are tremendous emotional implications for him. How do you tell the wife with whom you are trying to figure out your status [about this]? And when does his daughter meet her half brother?”

Adds Pino: “Amaro came in kind of as a rogue. He’s tried to conform to being this detective with a suit and a tie, but he’s not that guy. He’s been trying to be as close to a perfect SVU detective as possible, but that mask is now off and he’s been revealed. To see him as fallible and see him as imperfect is a lifeline. I like to see Amaro struggle, but he’s going to do the right thing. Taking responsibility is important. … Amaro knows his biggest responsibility is to his kids.”

And how will this pair of reveals affect the partnership between Benson and Amaro? Although Pino admits his character felt betrayed by Benson’s secrecy, he doesn’t predict any irreparable damage. “Any relationship that is solid is forged with controversy and conflict,” he says. “I think we understand each other, we trust each other and we have the ability to hurt each other. Amaro is hurt by her in the episode, but are they past the point of not being able to reconcile? Absolutely not. Partners take a hit and learn from it and hopefully it makes the relationship stronger.”

What did you think of the episode’s many reveals? SVU airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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Got any more scoop on Benson’s mystery man on SVU? — Gina
I can tell you that the reveal of Benson’s secret relationship will not sit well with her partner Amaro, who is hurt that Benson didn’t trust him with the information. But perhaps Amaro shouldn’t throw stones. I hear that a ghost from the sometimes-hot-headed cop’s own secret past will resurface to haunt him in a life-changing way.

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Mariska Hargitay‘s Benson spends a lot of time complaining about South Florida in this exclusive sneak peek from next Wednesday’s Law & Order: SVU (NBC, 9/8c), but that’s before she encounters the friendly face of a familiar FBI agent.

Marcia Gay Harden (Damages) reprises her role as G-woman Diane Lewis, who’s in town for the exact same reason as Benson and Amaro: To nab a convict (played by Lost‘s Harold Perrineau) suspected in a cold rape-and-murder case.

Press PLAY on the clip below to watch the trio try to work out jurisdiction — as well as for Amaro’s sly mention of Benson’s tropical Christmas trip with Mystery-Hand Man — and then hit the comments: What other previous SVU guest stars would you like to see return?


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Don’t forget to tune into an all new episode of SVU tonight on NBC at 9/8c! Here’s a sneak peek at the episode. Warning: Do not watch if you wish to remain spoiler free!

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Warning: Spoilers! Do not watch if you wish to remain spoiler free!

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Warning: Spoilers! Read at your own risk!

If May’s season finale of Law & Order: SVU was meant to send a message, it was received loud-and-clear. The shocking cliffhanger (a dead hooker in the bed of Dann Florek’s Captain Cragen) was a drastic departure for the long-running procedural. Viewers can thank showrunner Warren Leight for this dramatic turn of events. Leight stepped into the show amidst its biggest shake-up ever: Christopher Meloni’s highly publicized departure after 12 years. “Any show on this long would have needed to change, some rejuvenation,” affirms Leight, “and [Chris] leaving, in a way, opened up a lot of new possibilities. The thing that you worry about most is the thing that often works in your favor.”

Heading into season 14, which premieres tonight. SVU has some momentum to maintain. Leight is confident that introducing some new faces (Paget Brewster, Adam Baldwin) and dynamics (key word: suspicion) will be just the trick. If the show’s performance as NBC’s highest-rated drama finale last season is any indication, he may be on to something. Read what Leight has in store for SVU‘s double-barrel opener below, plus see how a certain ultra-popular erotic novel makes its way onto the show.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You’ve been very conscious that SVU is the last Law & Order show on the air. With a year under your belt and a season underway, how is SVU 2.0 shaping up?
WARREN LEIGHT: This year, I’ve made some changes in the writing staff, the producing staff. Everyone understands what the goal is for this year. … So, just in terms of the way we run the show, people are a little more on. I know who my actors are, they know who I am. It’s easier to write for people when you knew what their strengths are. I know everyone’s strengths, and now what I want to do a bit of this year is make some of the actors feel a little bit uncomfortable, push them out of their comfort zone. Last year I had to learn their comfort zone so this year I can tear them down. [Laughs]

You said everyone on the writing/producing staff had the same goal in mind. What is that goal?
I don’t want anyone to look at this show 14 years in and go, “Oh, this is tired,” or “They’re going through the motions.” I want people to go, “This is as fresh as anything that’s on right now.”

Certainly, the end of last season was a big departure with the Cragen cliffhanger…
I wanted a cliffhanger, and that was definitely not part of the [creator and former showrunner] Dick Wolf culture. It was outside what people expect for the show. A little bit, I want to shake up expectations. There will be more storylines about our lead characters, a little bit more emotion between them. I would like to see more of the interpersonal dynamic between our detectives. There’s obviously going to be a big investigation after the dead hooker is found in Cragen’s bed, and there’s going to be a lot of fallout from that investigation.

You said everyone has secrets. Such as…?
[This season tracks] a tale of corruption through NYPD, through the DA’s office, through the upper echelons of government. How our detectives react to that, and who’s trusting whom as this investigation goes on is pretty interesting. For example, it’s not like Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Amaro (Danny Pino) have been partners for 12 years and know everything about each other, so there’s a little room for suspicion. Room for suspicion is a wedge.

And you’re really ripping their worlds apart.
Oh yeah.

Even if they did trust each other, this would be a massive ground shift.
It’s never good when your boss is arrested, is found in bed with a dead hooker. That’s never good. Especially if he’s the captain of your unit at the NYPD.

I know Paget Brewster is coming in as the head of the D.A.’s Public Integrity Unit. I’m sure she’s going to shake things up a little bit…
That is to the DA’s office what IAB is to cops. They watch everything. They know everything. … Paget is stepping into a war between two escort agencies. She’s stepping into four or five unsolved murders. It begins with the police commissioner’s bachelor party. She’s got to figure out who to trust — and fast. Benson wants to earn her trust because she’s hoping maybe Paget will realize Cragen is innocent — as Benson knows Cragen must be. Paget is looking desperately for someone. … The two of them, basically, are trying to work together. Benson is trying to work with her in hopes of proving Cragen’s innocence, and Paget is trying to enlist her support because she doesn’t have too many other people she can trust.

We’re also bringing Adam Baldwin in as a new captain. He’s a substitute or temporary captain, but he’s stepping into a unit that’s openly in revolt, basically. … He’s going to try and start to put his own imprint on this department. [It’ll] push people a little bit out of their comfort zones.

NEXT: A closer look at Olivia’s arc, and — you knew it was coming — SVU takes on 50 Shades of Grey

Going back to Olivia. She went through a lot of changes last season.
When the season began, she was feeling untethered and wary of the new people [after her partner of 12 years left the unit]. She was beginning to form relationships with Amaro particularly and with Hayden (Harry Connick Jr.). Then it all kind of blew up in her face. Then her captain — who was her rock last year after [Stabler] left — they had some very strong scenes together. Clearly, the captain is a father figure to Olivia. I can’t imagine anything shaking her up more than to find out that he’s possibly not who she thought he was.

And in the midst of this, Dean Winters is back as Cassidy, Olivia’s ex/colleague. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
It’s a good thing and a bad thing. He’s an interesting guy, and he’s not the kid he was from those early SVUs that he was in. He wasn’t right for this unit, and he wasn’t too sharp. He wasn’t well-educated. He’s obviously survived and been doing dangerous work for three years. But can you trust him completely? Certainly Amaro doesn’t.

I can’t imagine the time would be right any time soon for Benson to consider motherhood or a serious relationship.
I think it’s hard. As the season opens, her new partnership is in trouble — with Amaro. Her captain is in serious trouble. The unit she’s worked for is falling apart. She has a new captain she’s supposed to somehow deal with. The DAs she’s worked with are under a cloud of suspicion — or she’s not allowed to talk to them. When it rains, it pours.

I’m hoping amongst all this seriousness and turmoil, we’ll get some good Fin (Ice-T) comic relief in there. He’s my favorite.
Fin’s character is a survivor. He provided a lot of stability for Rollins (Kelli Giddish) last year. We have a scene where Adam Baldwin’s character looks at Fin early on and basically says, “Last I heard, departmental dress code is business attire,” and he looks at Fin.

So Fin is probably the most equipped to deal with the shifting tides, but even he is going to have some issues?
Whether or not Fin actually responds to that… [Laughs] Fin undercover would be in a suit and tie, I think.

What else can you tease this season?
We sort of have two premieres this year. We’re back on Sept. 26 then we got off the air until Oct. 10. That episode deals with the author of a book called 25 Acts, which is a woman’s journey through the world of domination and submission. So we’re keeping time, we hear.

Law & Order ran for 20 seasons. Do you see SVU lasting for another six years?
The idea is not to run on fumes and make sure everyone who’s here wants to be here and wants to keep it alive. There is no end to the number of topics in the news that make for interesting episodes for us and interesting issues to explore. … Raising awareness about certain issues is part of what makes the show valuable. I don’t think we ever want to sensationalize rape or the victimization of people. What we want to do is get people aware of issues in our society and get people thinking and talking about them, and shed light on the dark corners of this world. That’s a valuable function. … I would love to see [how things go this year]. I think most people assumed we wouldn’t make it through last year. It was nice to get a little attention, show that the show had a reason to exist. We’ll see….

SVU premieres tonight at 9 p.m. ET.

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