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May 22nd, 2012  /  Jessica

On the Law & Order: SVU finale, Capt. Cragen will defend an old colleague who hasn’t been on the show in more than a decade.

Season 1 star Dean Winters returns on Wednesday’s episode as Det. Brian Cassidy, now an undercover cop who is involved in the team’s latest case. “It looks like he could be a little shady, and it’s up to Cragen to say, ‘I know Brian and he’s a good cop,'” Dann Florek tells TVGuide.com. Unfortunately, Det. Amaro (Danny Pino) doesn’t quite believe him. “It’s contentious with Amaro,” Pino says. “Dean’s character is not as affable as Amaro would like.”

In the video below, Florek and Pino talk more about the Season 13 finale. Plus: Ice-T shares a message for any fan who threatened to stop watching the show after Christopher Meloni’s departure. (Hint: He doesn’t like you.)

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May 19th, 2012  /  Jessica

Warning: Spoilers! Do not read if you wish to remain spoiler free!

“Get ready for a big cliffhanger,” Law & Order SVU’s Danny Pino told me this week at NBC’s upfront presentation. And I’m inclined to heed that warning, especially after he told me more.

“I think the foundations of the squad are going to be tested,” he says of the May 23 episode, in which the team finds themselves tackling a sex trafficking case. “I feel like this season was about transition and this season was about building relationships. I think next season is going to be about what those relationships are and even breaking it apart — cause conflict and digging deeper down. I think there’s potential for very interesting work.”

Costar Ice-T echoes the statement, while also assuring that Det. Finn will live to see another season. “I am not bleeding [at the end],” he says. “Going into a season finale bleeding is not a good idea because it’s hard to negotiate. When the last episode leaves you bleeding and you say, ‘I need a few more dollars,’ they say ‘Dude, you’re damn near dead, so let’s just talk about this.’ So I’m healthy and Finn is doing jumping jacks in the corner when the season ends.”

And no matter the outcome of the cliffhanger that “leaves some people in harm’s way,” the actor says he sees a strong future for the series. “I think now that we’ve gone through the growing pains of switching quarterbacks, I think the show can go 20 years. We’re going to go until Ice-T becomes captain.”

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May 17th, 2012  /  Jessica

“Law & Order: SVU” wraps up its 13th season with a pretty intense episode on Wednesday, May 23. Cast members Danny Pino, Dann Florek and Ice-T talk to Zap2it about the dramatic Season 13 finale and the sound that plays before the title cards — is it “bum bum” or “dun dun”?

First, the episode: “There is a huge cliffhanger at the end, so it’s worth sticking around until the end,” says Pino.

In fact, this might be the craziest season ending yet. “I think it’s the biggest cliffhanger we’ve ever had in the show. Stuff is flying. Stuff hits the fan,” Florek says. “I’m not 100 percent sure if everyone walks away or not,” he admits.

Now, the important question every “Law & Order” fan has pondered at at least one point in their lives: how do you vocalize that trademark sound effect?

Florek goes with “boink boink” or “doink doink,” while Pino picks the traditional “dun dun” or “bum bum.”

“Every significant moment in my real life feels like it begins with a ‘bum bum’ now ever since I moved to New York and became a part of the show,” Pino says.

Ice-T has another theory: “‘Dun dun!’ That’s Dick Wolf’s cash register. It should say ‘ching ching!'”

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May 9th, 2012  /  Meghan

It’s a good day if your name is Dick Wolf.

NBC has renewed Law & Order: SVU for a 14th season while giving a green light to the new Wolf-produced drama Chicago Fire.

The SVU pickup was foreshadowed last month when leading lady Mariska Hargitay sealed a deal to return as Det. Benson.


May 1st, 2012  /  Jessica

Nearly one year ago, it was announced that after 12 years Chris Meloni would be making his exit from Law & Order: SVU. After a summer of cast and crew changes, including the departure of showrunner Neal Baer, it would have been easy for the show to crumble under the pressure. However, now nearing the end of its 13th (and hopefully not final) season, SVU is at its very best.

Whilst the show itself has always been of a high standard, especially in terms of writing and acting, the last couple of seasons have lacked the spark which initially made the show so unique and special. Instead, the audience were watching predictable plot twists which took the emotional depth out of the show.

Thanks  to some fantastic additions to the cast, a talented set of writers and a brilliant new showrunner, Warren Leight, SVU is better than it has been in a long time. Leight, who has previously worked on Criminal Intent and Lights Out, has more than proven he was the right choice for the job. His entrance has turned the show around and helped to remind us all why SVU deserves to be where it is today.

Season 13 has been successful in subtly reinventing the show whilst still staying true to what SVU is about. This season has gone to places fans would have never expected and we have seen some of the most intense and interesting episodes to date. SVU is now back on top and here are some of the most notable reasons why:

New Characters

After 12 years, adding new characters to the cast was a risky, yet necessary move.  One of my favourite parts of this season has been watching the relationships form between newer and older characters.

This year has seen the introduction of Detective Amanda Rollins (Kelli Giddish) and Detective Nick Amaro (Danny Pino), both of whom have been fantastic in their roles. It’s already hard to imagine the show without them.

We first met Amanda Rollins in the season premiere where she instantly proved to be a much-needed addition to the show. It took a little time for us to find out her back story, but once this became clear, the character quickly won over the hearts of the audience. Giddish has had plenty of opportunities to show off her acting abilities, most notably in an emotional scene between her and Captain Cragen in ‘Home Invasions’ where she was confronted about her past.

As for Nick, his chemistry with Olivia has added an intriguing angle to episodes, especially those in the beginning when he had to work hard to win over Olivia’s trust. The growing relationship between the pair has also allowed us to see a completely different side to Olivia.

Nick’s story has also introduced us to his wife, Maria Grazie (played by Laura Benanti). The most recent episode, ‘Street Revenge’, saw an emotional scene between the pair and proved once again that this season is providing both the audience and the actors with deep storylines that are able to tug right on the heart.

The more this season has progressed, the more it has become clear that creating new dynamics within the cast was necessary. Even if Meloni had stayed on for another year, it would have made sense to bring in these two new characters. Episodes like ‘Street Revenge’ have demonstrated that they are both now a vital part of the show and are more than capable of fronting it.

Guest Stars

Law & Order has always been famous for its big guest stars and this season has been no exception.

Fresh off his run on season 13 of the show is Harry Connick Jr as David Haden. Connick Jr is an exceptional actor, but his talent isn’t the only thing his role has brought to the show. After 13 years, we finally got to have an in-depth look at the love life of Olivia Benson. What made this storyline so interesting and exciting was that it was told in a way that didn’t change the focus of the show. It’s great to be able to learn a little bit more about the personal lives of the detectives (especially Olivia’s) but not have the show descend into soap territory.

Another one of my favourite guest stars of the season was Treat Williams in ‘Spiralling Down’ – one the most heart-wrenching performances in one of the strongest episodes of the show, ever. Andre Braugher also starred alongside Treat, creating one of the most emotional courtroom scenes to date. It’s been fantastic to see the guest stars undertake these different, challenging roles.

All in all, the guest stars have been outstanding this season and many deserve Emmy recognition.

Character Development

Character development seemed to come to a halt over the last few seasons of the show. None of the characters really progressed anywhere, which impacted on how some were portrayed, mainly Elliot. This has been completely turned around this season – especially for Olivia.

For 12 years, Olivia Benson has been one of strongest female characters on television. This season has seen her go to new places – the love story with David and seeing her learn to cope without Elliot. The first part of the season was an emotional ride for Olivia as she had to work with new partners. Her evolving relationship with Nick has allowed us to see a different side to the character which has added a valuable dynamic to the show.

Episodes like ‘Father’s Shadow’ and ‘Justice Denied’ have taken the audience much deeper into Olivia’s psyche and let Mariska Hargitay show off her diversity as an actress. Meatier storylines for Olivia have allowed Hargitay to prove once again that she is one of the best actresses on television.

Fin Tutuola and Donald Cragen have come back into the spotlight this season as we see the cast work more as an ensemble. There appears to be a very interesting storyline for Fin on the horizon as his son’s fiancé is involved in an attack. It’s also great to be able to see Donald (Dann Florek) take control of his squad again and remind us that he’s in charge.

Back to Basics

One of the most noticeable changes to the show overall has been the “back to basics” approach. Instead of numerous, predictable plot twists every week, we’ve had toned down but more intimate episodes, adding much more intensity and depth to the main story.

The toned down approach has allowed viewers to focus more on the emotional side of SVU, rather than just trying to guess who the perp is. The majority of episodes this season have taken the time to show the harrowing inner journey of the characters involved, with ‘Spiralling Down’; ‘True Believers’; ‘Lost Traveller’ and ‘Personal Fouls’ among the highlights. It wasn’t until season 13 began that it became noticeable how much this was missing in the last couple of seasons.

With more cinematic, fast-paced and often shocking opening sequences, episodes now immediately grab your attention and suck you in, a big change from the “typical” SVU opening sequences which had started to become slightly repetitive.

If anything, season 13 has proven that the little things count, too. Seeing the characters discuss cases in the squad room as an ensemble may sound small, but it’s a great aspect to the show and has allowed the show to return to its roots. It’s refreshing to witness the relationships and dynamics between all the characters, rather than just the two main leads.

It’s safe to say that along with the cast and writers, Warren Leight has turned this show around and has reminded us all what originally made SVU so good. A year ago, it seemed almost impossible for the show to reach the same heights it has done in the past, especially with the departure of Neal Baer and Chris Meloni. One year on, and Leight has proven that when handled correctly, change can breathe new life into a show.

Naturally, there are those who will still refuse to accept that SVU is any good without Chris Meloni, and that’s how it was always going to be. But when you look at the whole picture, the show has an exceptionally talented cast, featuring one of the best actresses on television, a team of writers who have written some of the most intense stories this show has ever seen and Warren Leight, who has utterly transformed the show. SVU has had what is arguably one of its best seasons yet, proving that it’s possible for a show to be in its 13th season and still be at the very top of its game.

Source: here

April 25th, 2012  /  Meghan

“In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous.”

That same introduction has played over every episode of Law & Order: SVU for the past 13 seasons, but the message will hit especially close to home this week for Det. Nick Amaro.

“Just like our voiceover says at the beginning of every episode, these are truly heinous crimes. I think there is only so much that certain people can take,” Danny Pino tells TVGuide.com. “It starts to erode his confidence within his own marriage.”

On Wednesday’s episode (10/9c on NBC), Amaro will take his recent suspicions about his wife (see: last week’s episode when he followed her to a mystery man’s doorstep) to the next level. “He’s been following her and suspecting that she’s been less than honest,” he says. “In this episode, it comes to a boil and there’s no way to really stop it.”

The tension in Amaro’s marriage is not only a result of his recent career move from narcotics to sex crimes, but also of his wife’s job that puts her in the war zone thousands of miles away from her husband and daughter. “While she was overseas, I think he started feeling an emotional distance between them,” Pino says. “That, underscored by the nature of crimes that he is investigating and the inherent psychological deceit that he witnesses every day, affects him to a point where he needs to take action within his own household.”

Pino says he and showrunner Warren Leight were anxious to explore the aftermath of traveling overseas and into a combat zone since they first began crafting Amaro’s backstory at the beginning of the season. “It represents something that is happening now,” he says. “When soldiers who are enlisted start coming back and seeing how they reassimilate into society and what they bring with them. And how the people who are here — family members and friends — have changed as well.”

However, Pino admits it was unclear what direction Amaro’s marriage to Maria would take. “That was largely decided upon by the chemistry between myself and Laura Benanti,” Pino says. “We play Skype scenes together where she is in one room and I’m in the other and we’re essentially looking at a screen. Even within those scenes, there seems to be a familiarity.”

Amaro’s trouble at home comes just as he seems to be hitting a groove at work. Two weeks ago, Det. Benson (Mariska Hargitay) memorably told Amaro he was a good partner — a big step for both her character and the series in the wake of Christopher Meloni’s surprise exit. “It is probably the only relationship Amaro has right now in his life that he feels confident in,” Pino says. “That speaks volumes to not only how his relationship with Olivia has developed, but it also to how his relationship with his wife has devolved.”

Law & Order: SVU airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.


March 5th, 2012  /  Jessica

Don’t worry Olivia Benson fans. Law & Order: SVU star Mariska Hargitay says she’ll keep solving crimes on the NBC drama next season.

“It’s looking that way,” Hargitay confirmed to TV Guide Magazine on Sunday at a benefit in Los Angeles for her Joyful Heart Foundation, which supports survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse. “I think the writing is great. I absolutely love my cast. I think Danny Pino [Det. Amaro] has invigorated that show. [Guest star] Harry [Connick Jr.] has reinvigorated me. And dealing with these issues is more than a TV show to me. It excites me to be on a show that sheds light on darkness. With the combination of SVU and Joyful Heart, my life is really complete and extremely fulfilling, because we watch people’s lives change right in front of us.”

It’s a good thing there’s another season to come, especially now that the relationship between Benson and Connick’s character, David Haden, is heating up. “It’s going to get complicated, though,” warns Hargitay. “But when Chris Meloni was around there was no way Olivia could ever be with anybody else. Now that he’s gone, I think she has room in her heart.”

As long as she also makes room to solve cases. “The case we’re about to work on is one that deals with Fleet Week, and sailors that may or may not be responsible for a rape,” Pino reveals. “Amaro starts to realize that maybe the original attacker wasn’t really guilty. He starts to look at the new evidence and starts to question [the original investigation].” Mark Consuelos will guest star as a potential suspect.

But re-opening a case won’t score Amaro any points with his new colleagues. “There are some fireworks involved, since he’s one of the new guys and he’s coming in questioning what the unit has been doing in the past. You can imagine it doesn’t go over well,” Pino says. “But I think he does achieve communication, and there’s a catharsis within the unit — ‘We’re really a team. It’s not about going after each other, it’s about going after justice and doing what’s right.’ And ultimately we all come out as winners.”

Although Pino previously worked on Cold Case, another procedural drama dealing with violent crimes, the actor admits that SVU has been a different experience emotionally. “On Cold Case you were dealing with a box of evidence. Here you’re dealing with someone who’s very much alive,” he says. “It’s surprising with what the show is about how much fun we have [off screen]. I think we have to keep it light on set, because the themes that we’re dealing with are so tragic.”

Source: here

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